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Pilot Knob RV Resort is just a short drive to the California / Mexico border and the town of Los Algodones. Not only is there the normal offering of authentic local dining and souvenirs as you stroll the streets of this quiet border town, there are also pharmacies, doctors, dentists & opticians with knowledgeable staff to help you with your needs at a considerable savings from what you would pay at home. With secured parking, safe and clean, it is a must go for lunch, shopping and savings in dental, vision and pharmacy needs.


It is the official “Center of the World”!  Well, home to it at least.  The Official Center of the World is a dot inside the pyramid next to the post office. The center of the world, or universe, can be anywhere but it is set by law in Felicity, CA. 


Ride From Your Site

to the Dunes


Experience the

Imperial Sand Dunes Park

Just 16 miles from our resort. 


Pilot Knob RV Resort is surrounded by fun things to see and do. There are activities for everyone. Explore the desert - perfect for ATV enthusiasts. Shopping and dining in nearby Yuma. For golfers there are several quality golf courses to challenge your skills. This area is very historic and part of the Old West. Lots of historic sites and museums to visit along with desert gardens and ecology centers. Mexico is very close by to visit and experience the wonderful Mexican culture and people. Lots to do and see!!!

Area Attractions

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