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Rates as Low as $22.50
All Rates Include Electric

The Best RV Camping Rates in the Yuma Arizona-California Area 

Put all the excitement of Yuma, Arizona and the quiet restfulness of Winterhaven, CA together and you get Pilot Knob RV Resort.

Pilot Knob RV Resort is situated on 23 acres of picturesque desert property within a mile of Pilot Kno‍‍‍b Mountain. Refreshing Pilot Knob features the clean, clear air and relaxing silence of the desert wilderness, while offering many activities just minutes away - experience the Sand Dunes, play the slots at Quehan Casino and Resort, and visit Los Algodones. Our resort is open for the season and offers some of the best RV rates in the area.

Check the Dune Action!
Minutes from Pilot Knob Resort

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Canadians Welcome
Open to the Public

RV Sites

We have some of the best camping rates in the area! 30 and  50 amp sites with full hookups including electric, water and sewage. 

Ride Site to Sand

If you enjoy sand dune riding then Pilot Knob is the place to be. We have great dunes just out our backdoor. You can ride from your campsite to the dunes.


Pilot Knob RV Resort is just a short drive to the Califor‍‍‍nia / Mexico border and the town of Los Algodones

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